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Supplies were still not reliable - Supplies were still unreliable and Bruce & Walkers, Agutter was told by his friend Cliff Constable famous UK Rodmaker, that Walkers explored the use of Burmese Bamboo, but the Cane
was of no comparison to Tonkin Bamboo and broke often. (Picture above of Bamboo Importers Warehouse). Demand for Cane rods in the USA was forever growing. The Light Trout Fly rod lengths between 6 - 8'6" could not be made fast enough.
The Turning Point - Picture right of Sharpes Milling Machine Bill of Purchase - click on image to enlarge.

In the UK. Hardy's, Sharpes and Chapmans began making Built Cane by a machine process of Milling the Cane. This allowed them to mass produce rods in the thousands. Harold Sharpe said over 1,500 a month.

But the Quality and complex tapers being developed by American Rodmakers was still very noticeable.
The Best of British Had Gone - Agutter through his Angling began winning Competitions, and in his rodmaking strived for making the best rods. To him due to his up bringing like many, British was best. It was a bitter pill to him that the large UK Rod Manufacturers were so far behind in quality as to their American Cousins. The old companies were trading on a reputation of name only and not quality.
Agutter moved to london after leaving Full time education and took a Clerks position with a London Solicitors. At that time Norman's were still manufacturing large quantities of fittings to the trade, but the Americans were now producing fittings and ferule joints from Nickel Silver.
But the Best Rods Were Yet to Come - Agutter shortly moved on from his place of employement and joined an Insurance Company. His sole objective was to raise money for his rodmaking. He was now starting to get frustrated customers due to order books. Towards the end of the 70's he took the plunge and relied on an income from rodmaking. He set up premises in the centre of London.
The Angling world began to show interest, and he was no longer ignored. His ideas for rod development in the UK by the old traditional company's was shunned upon. But his driving force was to make the best and he knew his America Cousins were well out front.
His passion for Cane was constant, and in fly fishing he knew there was no substitute. But at that time in the UK cane was regarded as an old timers type of rod. He knew though in the USA that was not the case.
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