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Welcome To Norman Agutters Online Store - www.norman-agutters.com - Makers of the Finest Split Cane Fishing Rods and Accessories - Contact us on 07804 449937
It appears only natural to ourselves, what ever pastime and pursuit we follow, we endeavour to find or wish to learn as much as we can from our bent. Today we have seen a greater move towards a more critical eye for quality and tradition.
This is especially the case now through the Internet, offering greater access to the worlds finest products at a touch of a button. It is only human nature, that we seek to find the best and achieve the most in the Society that surrounds us. To the layman a fishing rod is an instrument for catching fish. But to a dedicated member of the Angle, he sees and feels characteristics that only exist from his success and experience at the water's edge.
Every Product is Made from Raw Natural Materials - using only the finest available. As rodmakers we have sought perfection in the peformance of a Split Bamboo Fly Rod (Split Cane or Built Cane). Our motivation to find the
best in action and performance derives from having the pleasure of rising early mornings, and being greeted by the natural sounds of wildlife and travelling through a slate mist, shrouded pines and rhododendrons. To the early morning rise of a trout and at peace with oneself and nature. By developing deep natural instincts to fish. These are the values and requirements we need, to begin to even consider making and designing the ultimate Cane Fly Rod Collection.
Split Bamboo naturally meets the requirements one seeks. It is fitting that the naturally grown Tonkin Bamboo used comes from the Orient, the Masters of an ancient culture. The Bamboo required for making the best Split Bamboo Fly Rods grows in a small province of Kwangi. (Arundinaria amabilis)
"The Lovely Bamboo". The Bamboo actualy grows to an average length of 40 feet.
When it comes to making fly rods, our team apply the real art of making dreams come true for customers. We do not buy reel fittings, ferules etc. But we actually make them
complete from raw materials and design fittings to individual clients needs, for balance, style and action. We cannot emphasis enough the importance of definition to rodmaking, we are one of the last true remaining British Rod Makers.
We can confidently tell all of our customers that we can make them any type of Split Bamboo Fly Rod they like, in fact many are captivated with wonder, when they realise the
technical aspects and precision engineering required.
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