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Welcome to Norman Agutters Archives where we will give you a background into our trade, photo's, reviews, designs and other interesting moments and personalities associated to our Profession.
In 1993 we as a business in Rodmaking and Supply terms, become a complete business in the Industry. As a result of the joining, two well known names in the Industry. Alastair Agutter & Team - Rodmakers and Designers and Highly skilled Designers & Precision Engineers Brian and John Norman of Paramount.
Pre World War One - Photo Courtesy of Readers Digest. Prior to World War One, Agutter's Family ran a Hardware and Merchants Store in London. The store stocked every imaginable item and in those day's included Bait and Fishing Tackle. Between the two Great Wars the business continued until being Bombed twice in World War Two. At that time between both Wars the Name Norman's was making it's name for Motor Cycles and Bicycles.
Post War Years - Photo Courtesy of Readers Digest. Normans the Family based business in Ashford for Bikes employed at one time over 500 staff. Today The Company now known as Paramount and Norman Agutters has still one of the largest Plating and Engineering Plants. Some years later after the Company sold Norman Bikes to Rayleigh. The
Company continued in Engineering and in the mid to late seventies bought Modern Arms Tooling and Machinery.
A Passion - Photo Alastair Agutter 1967 - 10yrs of age. In the post wars years for Agutters the family business demised and members of the family took up different professions. Alastair Agutter Great Grandson to the Family business founder, had learnt a great deal from his Father and Grandfather in using his hands with tools. His passion was Angling, and started at the tender age of 5.
Alastair was strangely enough born in Kent. The same County as Normans.
In the 1960's Built Cane in the UK was peaking. Famous names such as Hardy's, Sharpes and James of London were in mass production along with Walkers in Kent.

The Emergence of Rodmakers - Many other makers emerged from the main Companies. Rodmakers such as Clifford Constable of Bromley and Greys of Alnwick. Redditch was really the central point of the Country for reels, accessories and assembly rod building. Company's such as Partridge, Fosters and in Hertfordshire Chapman Sports.

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