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When choosing woods for reel fitting spacers, many of our American cousins choose native woods to English. With these species we select a wood that has the most pattern and
decorative appeal. We are often asked what woods can a client have. The answer to this is any desired, as long as it is not an endangered specie, and we do not purchase our woods from any Company that is responsible for de-forestation.
As a specialist in rodmaking we make it a point to have available for use any of the following species as a stock item. Briar, Birds Eye Maple, Burled Walnut, American Black Walnut, Zebrano, Bocote, Real Indian Rosewood (1933 shipment). Not Lebanese.
Product Feature: Perfectionist Series - Over the years we have developed a very exclusive collection of items for the travelling Executive. This is the "Perfectionist Series" a range of combination rods and staffs that can accompany you on your trips abroad. Some can even fit into the Executive's, briefcase. Many of these items are sought after as excellent gifts. Please visit the range by clicking here.
Product Feature: Izaak Walton Collection - To many members of the Angle the name Izaak Walton triggers nostalgia and past elegance, a gradual pace of life with a ramble through fields and pleasant pastures green and with natural sounds of bird evening song. It is now a very long time since the first edition of "The Complete Angler" was written.
Izaak Walton's life spanned an amazing four score years and ten. Since his death in 1683, his spirit clearly lives on in the minds of Anglers today. I describe Izaak Walton and the Complete Angler, not as a book of technical nonsense, but a natural pilgrimage of one who was , and wanted to be, at peace with his fellow man and shared his joys of catch with the local innkeeper, and the spirit of community flowed in evening conversation.
Izaak Walton's represented the England that once was. today, more rarely so, you will find yourself in parts of our glorious countryside reminiscing and becoming very much a part of the surroundings. Click Here to Visit Collection
Our Izaak Walton Collection represents the tradition of our spirit of Game Fishing, and the peace patience the natural habitat can deliver. This collection available through our web site will always be special to each individual. For every piece you collect and hold has been handmade in our workshops that look out onto some of the most beautiful countryside given to man. We hear the cuckoo in the morning and a bird nest in the walls of our workshops.
We are surrounded by wood shavings and the vanilla smell of bamboo. We try to encourage dedicated anglers to visit, but now with the Internet, we will endeavour to capture those moments for you here.
To share in our experiences and memories of a craft that still continues in the English Countryside.
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