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Normans Reel Fittings - Normans at that time, and especially in the seventies. Where supplying the bulk of the UK Tackle Industry with reel fittings and components. Photo of the famous Modalock Boat fitting made by Normans

Began Rodmaking - At the end of the 1960's Agutter began making his own rods and carrying out many repairs for his friends in Angling. At that time some of his older customers gave him cane rods to repair and this was the start.

In his spare time he read about cane and began to understand the making of it. He took a part time position with Going Bros Rodmakers to learn more about his new trade.
The Americans Were Better - Picture left of Tom Dorsey of Thomas & Thomas. Going Brothers undoubtedley were in many peoples eyes the best finishers of rods in the UK. Agutter working with Martin Ashby of Goings introduced him to American fittings and finishes. The difference between the UK and our American Cousins for finish was more than obvious. They were better!
From the Father of Cane in the USA - Paynes Rodmakers to Hardy's in the UK an emergence of individually skilled Rodmakers.
A Cane Rod was becoming a working piece of Art and the finishes in the USA especially unparralleled anywhere in the world. Picture Left - Father of Cane Rods in the USA Jim Payne.
Working Pieces of Art - In the United States Rodmakers were developing their Skills to a different level. Leonards, T&T, Orvis, Paynes, Garrison, Paul Young & others were well a head compaired to the UK.
However, with poor political relationships between the USA and China in that period, Tonkin Bamboo was very hard to obtain. Picture right of Thomas & Thomas Rods USA.
The Politics in Rodmaking - In this period of the middle 60's to early 70's in the UK, Hardy's and Sharpes were still manufacturing the bulk of Split Cane Rods,
planning traditional standard tapers by hand, on timber or metal formers by a huge work force. Even though, Bamboo was easier to obtain in the UK via European Importers.

(Picture left of Graham using Timber former and cane being planned by hand at Agutter's)

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