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Welcome To Norman Agutters Online Store - www.norman-agutters.com - Makers of the Finest Split Cane Fishing Rods and Accessories - Contact us on 07804 449937
We can make a Split Bamboo Rod to any taper, and colouration. Natural, dark, mottled, sunburst, even shaded edging to rustic patterns and feathering in the cane, using ebony and other inlays.
We are not restricted to handle lengths or shape or ferule design or fitting styles.
Today we can offer to our clients in the "Valhalla Cannes Series" the ultimate in tradition and man's rod technology. Split Bamboo offers everything for the Game and Coarse Angler, and in some cases the Sea Angler Fishing For Bass.
For the Angler seeking the very best in Fly Rods he or she will look no further. The Valhalla Cannes Fly Rod will become a way of life and very much a part of you. For a Fly Rod to become a Valhalla Cannes begins at the stages of the Bamboo Pole. By studying the poles, we seek depth of stem, natural smooth enamel growth and straightness. We seek consistency in node cofigurations and ensure that all the sections to make a Valhalla Cannes come from only one pole.
The Valhalla Cannes when complete in rod form represents the pinnacle for a fast crisp actioned fly rod.
Speed, height and roll are all major essentials when it comes to very successful fly fishing. The Valhalla works with the owner to create great accuracy in casting and control. The days of heavy unbalanced Cane Rods have gone. When you buy a Valhalla Cannes, you are buying a handcrafted legend in Game Fishing Tackle. Each Valhalla is individually made to customer requirements if desired. The Valhalla Pole, once temepered will then be split to begin the process of hand making the blank sections (hexagonal six section split cane).
The complex tapers are achieved by making "V" groove formers from English Ash. The sections are pre- split again and then hand planned to the desired taper. The nodes are staggered or alternated or can be spirated to develop certain roll characteristics in the performance of the rod. All these points are relevant to the individual.
The Glues and resins we use today are specially produced for our requirements. A glue and resin that cures with flexible properties. The same glues are used for our cork shives, and wooden real seats and inlays
that are inserted into the rods blank or fittings to ensure consistency in performance.
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